There are so many options if you want to buy gold coins. But you can go for Cash for Gold America website, according to me This is one of the best platform for buying gold coin. There are innumerable places to buy gold but I wouldn’t go near the ads you see on TV. Their markup is unconscionable. Usually you will pay a little over the spot price at fairly priced vendors. But you have to keep in mind that gold has been a terrible investment this year whereas the stock market is having a fabulous year.

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A far better gift would be something that they can use. If they want to travel (either domestically or overseas), buy them a rail pass or something of that sort. Or gift them a dividend-paying mutual fund that gives them an income. Or help them in other ways.
A gold coin given now would most likely sit in their bank locker (aka safe deposit box) and be inherited by you and your siblings along with the other bundle of coins and jewelry. Give them a gift that would be useful to THEM.

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